A New Kind of Facial Routine

After taking inventory of my beauty products, I quickly realized how many unhealthy ingredients they contained. I was quite depressed. What would I replace them with? I have sensitive skin, can’t stand strong scents, and I’m “frugal.”

For years, I had used Pond’s cold cream to remove my eye makeup. I would slather it on, wear it for several minutes, allowing it to break down my mascara. After reading the ingredient deck, it was awful!

After many experiments, I found a terrific method for mascara removal. I take a cotton ball and just soak it with hot water. Hold it on one eye, then the other, and it is amazing how quickly Continue reading

DIY Eyelash Serum

Who else has a sibling who stole those amazingly long, full eyelash genes? Thanks, little brother!

Needless to say, I was excited when I came across this simple recipe (another Droppery find)  to promote healthy eyelashes! It’s made with only 3 natural ingredients, all of which promote hair growth. Perfect.

I noticed a difference in both the fullness and length of my eyelashes Continue reading