Favorite Christmas Advent Calendar

Christmas is my favorite holiday! This whole holiday season is one of my very favorite times of year! There’s just so much fun stuff that’s going on – music, decorations, trees, parties, family get togethers, picking out gifts, and so much more!

As a child, we had a cute little advent calendar that hung on our hallway closet door, just below our stairs. There was a little yellow star that moved to a new pocket/date each day. My brother and I each got to move it every other day (this avoided racing down the stairs to beat the other!). Of course, as we got older, we realized that YOU wanted to be the one to move the star to its final pocket – Christmas Eve. Fortunately, our mom has a good memory and would remember whose “year” it was. These are the kinds of Christmas memories that I love! And I love that my mom still has the same little calendar hanging in her dining room.

My brother and I may not live at home anymore, but Mom and I are still able to do an advent calendar “together.” Thanks, technology! The past several years, we have been faithful to this Continue reading

What Wellness Means to Me

Wellness is a term that seems to get thrown around a lot these days – not in a bad way, but in a “general” way. It means different things to different people. Even in the course of my own life, my definition of wellness has changed.

To preface a bit, my wellness journey – even though I had no idea it would become that – started when I was just 14. I broke into full-body hives and had them every single day for years. I was on all kinds of nasty medication, like prednisone, just to keep them under control so life was bearable. To keep a long story short, my mom (who also has chronic hives) found us a naturopath/medical doctor who worked with us. My hives eventually Continue reading

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is around the corner!

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! My mom is my best friend, so having a chance to celebrate her and all that she’s done for my brother and me is the best! We usually do something as a family, and the last couple years we’ve celebrated with a brunch. So fun!

Of course, no Mother’s Day celebration is complete without a gift or two! But, picking out that gift can be a little tricky. Fortunately, my parents just moved to a new house with property, so it’s been a little easier to gift them with things for their home, yard, etc. Last year, my brother and I went together and bought a BEAUTIFUL Continue reading

The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep

It is a rarity if I do not stay up too late. Even if I’m dead tired throughout the day, come night time, I’m usually not! So I don’t do well at getting to bed when I should in order to give my body the rest that it needs.

But, there are lots of reasons why I need to make restorative sleep a priority:

  • reduces stress
  • lowers your risk of health problems (think diabetes and heart disease)
  • helps with memory
  • helps you maintain a healthy weight
  • better mood
  • stronger immune system

And these are just a FEW examples of why getting yourself to bed a little earlier is always going to be a good choice! Continue reading

A Look Back at a Healthy Year!

Would you believe that it’s been ONE WHOLE YEAR since I’ve been sick? Every year, I get the week after Christmas off, which is amazing and something that I look forward each holiday season! However, during Christmas 2015, I spent that entire week sick – like can’t-get-off-the-couch sick. I was miserable, to say the least.

So after I finally got better, I pulled out my oils that I’d set aside and decided to Continue reading

Healthy Shopping from Home

THRIVE MARKET – not to be confused with the Thrive health patches – has become a favorite online shopping place for us. It’s convenient and fast, and we always receive our products within a few days! This is a fantastic option for us because we live an area where most organic shopping is only available at a few pricier stores.

“Thrive Market is a membership community that uses the power of direct buying to deliver the world’s best healthy food and natural products to our members at wholesale prices, and to sponsor free memberships for low-income American families.”

But the BEST PART? All their products are always at prices 25 to 50% off retail! That makes for some big savings. They carry Continue reading

21 Day Fix Review

The past year has been one of many “little goals” with common one denominator: get healthy. A big component of being healthy? Exercising, getting into shape, and staying in shape.

I am NOT a gym person, and have always exercised either at home with videos or by doing something outdoors.

So I decided to try a new video series, 21 Day Fix, a few months ago. I chose this program because it included three key fitness elements: variety, weight training, and healthy eating!

We need variation in exercise because our bodies do adjust to repetitive movement. So, it is important that we change it up! Weight training is essential because muscle mass is what enables us to burn calories even while at rest.

For the exercise portion, you do Continue reading

Think Dirty to Think Clean

Do you know how many toxins, yucky chemicals, and artificial fragrances are in our beauty and personal care products? Items we use on a daily basis, from head to toe! What are they exactly? How are they harming us? What do they do to my body?

We were becoming so overwhelmed just trying to read labels as we had no idea what most ingredients were. Tocopherols? Eww…oh, wait, those are simply a family of vitamin E compounds. What about benzophenone? Ugh, it is toxic, linked to cancer, and can cause endocrine disruption, etc.!

Help!!!! Right? Well, here is the tool we have been using which Continue reading