Our Kitchen Remodel: Flooring

I love the look of hardwood floors! They are unique, they warm up your home,  and are certainly timeless!

However, I had three major concerns about wood flooring. They can be quite costly, they do not tolerate water and steam, and they have to be maintained.

We quickly discovered that hardwood would be too expensive for us. With that in mind, we then considered engineered hardwood. Engineered hardwood is basically plywood with a layer of hardwood veneer on top of it. Though less expensive, I still had my other reservations regarding cleanability and overall maintenance.

In scouring all the flooring stores,  we came upon Continue reading

Our Kitchen Remodel: Cabinets

When we moved to our new home, we quickly discovered that the kitchen was in far worse condition than we initially realized. Therefore, we needed to begin a kitchen remodel. I was very blessed to have a good friend who helped me tremendously with many of the major decisions that needed to be made.

My goal was to have a timeless and classic kitchen with nothing too trendy. My hope was for our kitchen to be considered as “in style” today as it will in years to come.


To achieve this look, I chose white shaker-style cabinets. Of course, what exact shade of white was a challenge. It is such a huge commitment and I wanted it to be just right. White paint can be too yellow, too gray, etc. I learned just how different paint colors look depending on the lighting! I couldn’t encourage you enough to check paint colors in your own home before deciding on your color.

After much research and experimenting with many samples, I chose Benjamin Moore’s Continue reading